Virtual Patient
Simulation Platform

For Medical Schools, Training Bodies and Teaching Hospitals

  • Better Prepared Junior Doctors

  • Easily Integrates with Your Curriculum

  • Rich, Expert Created Content

  • Easy Efficient Online Delivery

The Future of Medical Training

Medical Exam Tutor offer a cost effective way of delivering essential learning content to large numbers with ease and producing better prepared junior doctors.

Virtual patients are an essential supplement to your teaching materials, allowing learners to develop their clinical reasoning skills in a risk free environment, in a repetitive manner and at their own pace.

Better Prepared Junior Doctors

  • Better developed clinical reasoning skills
  • Multiple common clinical scenarios
  • Hundreds of hours of simulated patients
  • Practical feedback you won’t find in a text book
  • Intelligent performance tracking dashboard

Easily Integrates with Your Curriculum

  • Flipped classroom learning
  • Easy delivery to small/ large groups
  • Excellent final exam revision resource
  • Pre-course learning for manikin based simulation
  • Consolidate clinical knowledge

Rich, Expert Created Content

  • 70+ virtual patient cases and 600+ short cases
  • Provided by consultants and subject experts
  • Multimedia, video and images
  • Lab and radiological results
  • Real clinical data

Easy Efficient Online Delivery

  • Highly efficient technology enhanced learning
  • Online access 24/7
  • For use on any online device
  • Regular academic progression reports
  • Cloud based with no IT investment

Request a Demo at your Institution

  • Online demonstration via Webex
  • Trial access for a number of lecturers and students
  • Treat our virtual patients for yourself