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Surgical Cases

Medical Exam Tutor includes a large and ever growing bank of long and short surgical cases. This Professorial led section of Medical Exam Tutor has been created by experienced specialists and senior lecturers in general surgery and multiple subspecialties.

Surgical Long Cases

Every simulation based surgical long case has been recreated from real patients with real results, real images and feedback on interactions based on up to date clinical practice and years of real life clinical experience. The surgical long cases structure around emergency presentations, outpatient consultations and sub-acute inpatient management.


Surgical Short Cases

The short cases are created as clinical vignettes and multiple choice questions. Medical Exam Tutors augments each of these with real, high quality images from appropriate patients.

The surgical sub specialties covered by Medical Exam Tutor include:

Clinical Procedures

General Surgery


Ophthalmology- Coming soon

Orthopedic Surgery


Plastic Surgery- Coming soon

Thoracic Surgery

Transplantation- Coming soon



Vascular Surgery

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