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Medical Exam Tutor is designed to help you not only pass, but excel in your medical exams.

Combining long and short cases, our intelligent learning platform is exam focused, and will help you both with your revision and as an essential resource throughout your clinical studies.

Take control of your exam preparation with 24/7 access to our virtual patients and manage your progress with our unique tracking dashboard. Study expert created content that you can trust. There is no better way to prepare for your final medical exams.

Medical exam Tutor is an ideal resource for both undergraduate medical exams, and postgraduate licensing exams, such as the USMLE, PLAB or PRES. Here are just some of the exams for which Medical Exam Tutor can aid your preparation.


Medical Exam Tutor’s interactive clinical cases offer a highly effective study method ahead of your USMLE exams, especially step 2 CS (OSCE), and step 3. Steps 2 CS involves supervised assessment of clinical skills and part of Step 3 involves interacting with simulated patients.

Undergraduate Exams

Medical Exam Tutor is specifically designed to help students to excel in their final medical exams. Our interactive system is designed to offer a level of accessibility and feedback that written notes or patient contact cannot provide. Both our long and short cases are carefully designed with undergraduate standards in mind, and many of our case authors are strongly involved in education and examination.


Medical Exam tutor is helpful in preparation for the PLAB as we provide an English language resource with clinical single best answer questions on a vast array of tested specialties (part 1), along with simulated long cases that provide essential clinical skills training and knowledge that will be tested in the PLAB OSCE.


The National Assessment Collaboration assesses the readiness for International Medical Graduates to enter a Canadian residency programme having passed the MCCEE. The skills developed within Medical Exam Tutors long and short cases are closely aligned to those tested by the NAC OSCE. Our cases encompass history taking, examination, diagnostic ability, appropriate investigation, data interpretation, management and specific treatment.


The Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview is a fitness for task assessment, where a 3-person panel assesses a candidates skills, knowledge and experience for the position for which a candidate is seeking registration to practice in Australia. Medical Exam Tutor’s interactive clinical cases offer an ideal study / revision aid ahead of your PESCI.


Medical Exam’s Tutor’s Short Cases are very helpful in preparing for the clinical MCQs in the level 2 of the PRES examination. Our Long Cases will help in preparation for the supervised clinical examination in level 3 of your PRES, allowing you to practise and improve your practical skills, as well as providing information on appropriate investigations and management etc.


The MCCEE is a computer based single best answer format MCQ exam with 180 questions including child, maternal, adult, mental and population health, general practice and ethics. Medical Exam Tutor’s short cases are presented in a similar format covering the same clinical areas.

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