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Medical Exam Tutor is an e-learning tool which will improve your practical medical skills and prepare you for exam success.

We have assembled an unrivalled body of content from an array of top consultants, applied the most up-to-date teaching methodologies, and combined them on our award winning virtual patient platform, to bring you the most interactive and realistic simulation possible today. Featuring long and short cases, a dynamic progress tracking dashboard, real clinical test results and data, as well as in-depth feedback on every decision you make, Medical Exam Tutor is an essential part of your exam preparation.

The Flight Simulator For Doctors

  • You play the role of doctor
  • Interactive long and short cases
  • Make decisions at every stage of the patient journey
  • Practice in a safe, risk free environment

Boost Your Exam Preparation

  • Cases created by experienced specialty consultants
  • Real images, test results and clinical data
  • Expert feedback on every decision you make
  • Based on international final medical examinations

Take Control Of Your Learning

  • Intelligent feedback dashboard
  • Track your improvement over time
  • Highlight and focus on areas of weakness

Content You Can Trust

  • Exam focused long and short cases
  • Over 100 hours of interactive virtual patient encounters
  • 500+ SBA clinical vignettes and spot diagnoses


  • I tried to do the long cases for each topic before I started the rotation and found it gave me a great overview of the main things you are asked about.

    5th Year StudentUniversity College Cork, Ireland
  • “The explanation of right and wrong answers really help to understand and memorize much more than just simple good/bad”  

    5th Year StudentPerdana University, Malaysia
  • “The website was fast and intuitive, the level of cases was challenging and informative. I loved the step by step guidance of how to manage (and importantly, how not to manage) patients.”

    4th Year StudentUniversity of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • “These cases are fun and still very educational.”

    5th Year StudentCardiff University, United Kingdom
  • “It helped me understand the order of treating a patient. This system is organized in a way that makes it easy to follow which is very applicable in the real world setting.”

    4th Year StudentUniversity of Limerick, Ireland
  • “I just finished all the short cases there and they were terrific! I found them to be on par with questions from NBME exams.”

    5th Year StudentPoznan University of Medical Sciences
  • “It made me realize that jumping to conclusions too quickly is a bad idea. Rather it is better to look at all the evidence and make a conclusive diagnosis based on them.”  

    5th Year StudentUniversity of Dundee, United Kingdom
  • “Very rarely do we get to manage a patient’s treatment entirely and this gives us great exposure to that.”  

    4th Year StudentUniversity College Dublin, Ireland
  • “The decision making process. How to approach the problem at every step and with incredible detail. For example, heart failure patient: elevate head of bed, start O2, weigh the patient. These details get lost in rotations. And are just as important as understanding disease progression for example.”

    5th Year StudentKings College London, United Kingdom

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