Specialty in Focus: Oncology and Cancer Studies

In 2008, the WHO estimated that 7.6 million people died from cancer- 13% of overall deaths for that year. Understanding how to approach the diagnostic and ethical issues surrounding cancer are essential elements in preparation for your exams, and clinical practice.

Medical Exam Tutor developed long and short cases dealing with Oncology and Cancer Studies that reflect both the common patient presentations that you will see in practice and some unusual presentations that often appear in clincal examinations.

The chest X-ray to the right is an example of the radiological findings from one of our long cases. Real patient data is used to make our patient simulator the most realistic clincal educational tool in the world.

Oncology | cancer studies | chest x ray

thyroid cancer


We have added 20 new short cases to our catalogue which already has dozens of cancer focused cases featuring real clinical images. The image to the left is an example showing a thyroid cancer.

Medical Exam Tutor will allow you to self-assess your knowledge giving you helpful hints and feedback at every step helping to excel in your exams and become a safer hospital doctor.

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