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Clinical Short Cases

The format for medical exams continues to lean more and more towards multiple choice and single best answer questions.

In response to this Medical Exam Tutor has used its bank of thousands of real patient images to create hundreds of exam short case questions. These short cases are created as clinical vignettes and spot diagnoses that are ideal for exam preparation but also give vital experience required to be a safe and knowledgeable doctor.

Exam Focused Short Cases

  • Clinical vignettes and spot diagnoses
  • SBA format
  • Exam focused cases at senior cycle undergraduate level
  • All major specialties covered
  • Filter by specialty

Intelligent Learning System

  • 3 study options: Focus, Review or Learn
  • Focus: Study questions that have not been previously encountered
  • Review: Study questions which have previously answered incorrectly
  • Learn: Study all available questions
  • Track your progress over time with our tracking dashboard

Detailed Feedback on Every Case

  • Correct answer explained in detail
  • Incorrect answers also explained
  • Further information and exam tips provided

Real Clinical Images and Results

  • Clinical Images
  • Lab and X- Ray results
  • Clinical data obtained from real life cases

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