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Paediatrics Cases

Our bank of paediatric cases is rapidly growing with all of the case studies being developed by senior paediatric clinicians with years of experience in clinical teaching and examination involvement.

Paediatric Long Cases

Our long cases currently focus on the most common paediatric presentations to the emergency department. Using patient simulation we can provide users with real-world experience in diagnosing, investigating and treating children in a complete safe, education-focused environment, with consultant feedback that gives the sense of a one-on-one tutorial.


Paediatric Short Cases

Our short cases use real paediatric images, along with clinical vignettes or spot diagnoses. They are ideal for sharpening clinical skills and training on how to approach these types of questions that are extremely common in undergraduate and postgraduate exams. We also have a large bank of paediatric pharmacology short cases that help familiarize users with the pitfalls of paediatric prescribing.


Paediatric OSCE

Our Long Cases are an ideal tool for helping you study for you’re the practical element of your final medical exams, including a Paediatric OSCE.

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