Medical Exam Tutor for Residents and Junior Doctors

Risk Free Clinical Skills Development

Medical Exam Tutor offers the opportunity for repetitive practice of a whole range of common medical scenarios, which you are most likely to encounter throughout your early career.

Every doctor experiences moments of overwhelming pressure. The health and indeed the life of the patient will often depend on you being confident in your medical knowledge and having the clinical reasoning skills to make the right decision at the right time.
Traditionally, the wards were the only place where you could learn the skills behind safe, effective patient management. Today, Medical Exam Tutor uses the virtual patient to challenge and develop your clinical reasoning skills, through a vast range of common scenarios, without risking a single patient’s health. Accelerate your professional development with Medical Exam Tutor.

Accelerated Professional Development

  • You play the role of doctor
  • Interactive long and short cases
  • Make decisions at every stage of the patient journey

Repetitive Practice Without The Risk

  • Hundreds of hours of patient encounters to choose from
  • Covers the most common scenarios seen in practice
  • Feedback on every decision you make

Continuously Assess Your Progression

  • Intelligent feedback dashboard
  • Track your improvement over time
  • Highlight and focus on areas of weakness

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