2 in a Row for Medical Exam Tutor at the Eir Spider Awards

We’re delighted to announce that we were awarded an Eir Spider for the second year running at the annual event in Dublin last week. The Eir Spiders are Ireland’s premier awards which recognise the best of the web and technology industries in Ireland.

Medical Exam Tutor have now twice won the award in the eLearning category, a rare feat which reflects how far our platform has come since we received our first award in 2014. In fact, we have made extensive improvements in how the system works, feeds back performance data to our users and how it is presented.

Long Cases

We completely overhauled the way users can select between long cases with new ways of filtering by specialty and by symptom. We also made case selection far more user friendly with a tiled layout and the opportunity to preview each case before choosing to take it.



This is perhaps the area where we have made the most radical changes. When you login you will first be met with a grid which will give you a snapshot of how active you have been on the system, when you have been most active, and when not so. Our tracking dashboard now offers a whole host of performance statistics from which you can easily gleam top level insights like which specialties are your strongest/ weakest, right down to reviewing each step you took in any individual long case.


Short Cases

We have streamlined the process of finding and selecting the short cases that are most relevant to you. Users can select by specialty as well as taking cases which they have never taken before, or ones which they have previously gotten wrong.


You can take a tour of our system here or sign up for a free trial here!

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